#BlackGirlMagic: Kristina Fulton

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I’ve been blessed to encounter so many educated, beautiful and overall phenomenal women. They make me laugh, smile and are sources of inspiration. I can no longer be selfish, I have to share them with the world! So here you go, Black Girl Magic

Tell us about yourself…
I am a Program Director for a community center in the Bronx that provides free services to youth ages 5 -21 and adults. Youth and families are able to access tutoring, sports, arts, and dance activities. Young people are provided with the opportunity to participate and organize community service projects and are able to learn skills transferable to work or school. I work with my agency to ensure families in need get new clothing and turkeys for the holidays. My favorite part about my job is that I get to be a mentor and a leader. Kids see someone young and in charge and taking care of business. They are able to see themselves in their leadership. I’ll be honest, community and youth development wasn’t my first career choice out of college. But it’s definitely something that I’ve grown to love and become great at! I once heard someone say “taking care of each other is not a job, it’s our responsibility.” So does what I do because taking care of youth and neighbors in need is my responsibility.

Being a woman of color, what has been your biggest adversity in your career?

Fortunately, I haven’t faced too much adversity. However I do get frustrated when people mistaken my outspokenness as abrasive. If I were a man, I’d be “bold” or “assertive.” Instead, of seeing my honesty as what it is, it gets labeled as something negative.

How would you define black girl magic?

Black girl magic is electric!

What motivates/inspires you?
I’m motivated by competition. I’m really competitive so when I see someone performing well or working hard it pushes me to work harder. Or when someone says that I can’t do something, I say “nah imma do it.” My mom and boss probably have probably gotten the biggest headache from my approach lol. That’s why having positive people in your life is essential. They challenge you to do great things because they are accomplishing or have already accomplished amazing feats themselves.

If you can give black women any advice (career, life, love, etc) what would it be?
Speak positively about yourself! Too often we don’t say enough good things about ourselves! We are our own biggest critic! We all have to work on ourselves. But remind yourself how much you’ve accomplished! How talented you are! Victories, no matter big or small, are still victories!

How can we stay connected with you?
Professionally? Via email!  Kristina.fulton@gmail.com
Instagram @rich_and_skinny and Snapchat: tupacshakris


thoughts? feelings? opinions? comment, let’s talk about it!

1 comment
  1. Christina said:

    I love seeing beautiful and confident black women making an impact on the world! This inspires me to be a better person everyday!


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