Carrie Bradshaw LIED !

Saturday stands for “Sex and the City” marathons on T.V. You lie around and absorb all of the lavishness that is Carrie Bradshaw. At times you may cry, laugh and roll your eyes with envy but in the end you love every moment of it. She, Carrie, is blueprint of what being a New York City girl is – some even move to the Big Apple expecting to receive the “Carrie Treatment” as soon as their shoe hits the pavement but truth is … she lied! I know, it hurts but let’s face it – it’s all fiction.

Here’s the biggest lies of them all:

1. A single man is waiting for you at each and every corner.

Aidan, Jack, Aleskandr, Sebastian, and the unforgettable “Mr. Big” … Carrie was the epitome of a “hopeless romantic”. She always had a guy who was charming, easy on the eye and some even rich. No matter how bad Carrie treated him, he always wanted her back. Remember when Carrie ran into Aidan in Abu Dhabi? Even though Carrie had broken off their engagement, cheated on him with Mr. Big and he was now married and a father, he was still mesmerized and willing to risk any and everything to be with her. She did have her fair share of heartbreak (Jack broke up with her via post-it note) there was always another man there to save the day and love was seconds away … boo!

2. You can be jobless and still have it all in New York City!

Carrie not only owned her apartment, but she ate out at top notch restaurants and wore designer clothes! What was Carrie’s occupation you ask…she was a writer! A simple writer, she wrote a weekly column about herself in a newspaper and managed to maintain a lavish life. We never saw Carrie’s checks and she never had a busy work schedule but always made ends with a few extra thousand for a new pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes. There was one episode in the series when Carrie did mention of a small financial problem. Terrible with money she ran from friend to friend begging and borrowing BUT was QUICKLY saved by the ever-so wealthy Mr. Big and she went back to buying shoes … boo!

3. You’ll have a diverse group of friends – they’ll get along and will be RELIABLE!

Each week the girls would gather and have life recaps over expensive martinis. You had your promiscuous one, the uptight one, the over-analytical/prude and the self-absorbed one. Although the group was extremely diverse, they always got along (some were closer than others) they had a sisterhood. Their bond was so tight and rarely broken – they respected each other’s differences. Carrie always had a shoulder to cry on, someone to call if she wanted to randomly hang out and an ear to listen. It always worked –everyone meshed one big ol’ happy friend/family … boo!

So you’re a twenty/thirty something year old who lives in New York City and uber depressed because your life is nothing like Carrie Bradshaw’s … DON’T BE! Why? Because if Carrie Bradshaw was an actual character living in New York City chances are her life would be nothing like that either. She would be like the rest of us – single, semi-broke because rent is a million dollars with two or three friends (some cases one) that are actually dependable. Carrie would be a real city gal!

If there is one thing we all CAN learn from Carrie is to be FEARLESS! She did what she wanted, when she wanted and how she wanted. She moved to New York City on a whim with not a dollar to her name! In earlier episodes she said she was so poor when she first moved to New York that she would purchase Vogue instead of dinner. When friends weren’t too fond of her marrying Big, even after he stood her up at the altar … she married him anyway. And let’s not forget, when she left her “job”, apartment and friends and moved to Paris to be Aleksandr. Carrie always went with her gut and although she failed, sometimes repeatedly, nothing ever stopped her.

Maybe one day we’ll all live like Carrie Bradshaw but until then woe no more … just live like you!

‘Life gives you lots of chances to screw up which means you have just as many chances to get it right.” – Carrie

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  1. Loved this post. Love the show of course. Its always nice to escape 🙂


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